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Initial photos show this case has multiple problems such as severe crowding, upper arch constriction, back teeth cross bite, front teeth open bite, etc.

The orthodontic treatment was initiated with a maxillary (upper) arch expander to widen upper arch.  This type of expansion needs to be completed before the palate joint (midpalatine suture) fuses, which normally takes place around 17 years old.  For those cases that maxillary expansion is required, early treatment is usually indicated.

After the expansion, four 1st premolars were extracted and the full fixed orthodontic appliances were placed.  The crowding was corrected readily using the spaces provided from the extractions.

Progress photos show teeth continue to be aligned and the spaces reduced.

All the initial crowding was corrected and ideal teeth alignment was formed.  The next step was to re-establish an ideal occlusion (bite).

After all the detail work was performed, both upper and lower teeth fit properly together in which ideal occlusion was established. 

After removing the orthodontic appliances, both ideal alignment and occlusion were realized.

The case above is an example for viewing the orthodontic treatment progress.  Like our fingerprints, everyone's teeth are different.  Based upon the nature of the problem, orthodontic treatment can be varied from individual to individual.  Orthodontic treatment can be done with various appliances such as removable retainers, plastic aligners (Invisalign) and fixed appliances (braces).  There are many decisions to be made during the treatment.  Ideal results can only be achieved if you and your orthodontic treatment team work together.